Uniform Belts

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Alpha Uniforms is one of UAE most established producers of belts, giving amazing quality at reasonable cost. we’ve been making belts, uniforms, and work belts for a bunch of administrative, institutional, and retail clients.

We utilize astounding drum-colored shoulders, which guarantee our calfskin belts to be sturdy and dependable. Our clasps are made of cast zinc, with silver or gold finish. We likewise utilize strong metal on unique requests. The majority of our clasps are collected with snaps to take into account simple clasp substitution. Belt edges are hand-painted and edge-fixed before they receive snaps.

Belt sizes vary depending upon style, for the most part going from sizes 28 to 60″. Drop shipment is accessible, please ask for points of interest. Upon solicitation, we can likewise fabricate custom styles with exceptional clasps, logos, and so on. Items we appropriate straightforwardly bear the “Team” logo.

Our quality and costs are the best in the business sector. If you require a quote for a wholesale employment, kindly don’t hesitate to call!

We have an extensive variety of Belts accessible that are useful for various employments. These belts are worked to be strong, so you can take them out into the field immediately. These uniform belts are particularly intended for military or law implementation utilize. These sorts of belts fill an a great deal more critical need than simply holding your jeans up. They are likewise extraordinary for appending different gear pieces you may require while you are on a mission.

The greater part of the uniform belts we offer can deal with a lot of utilization, so when you get yours, you can be certain that you won’t require another for a long time. These belts arrive in an assortment of hues and sizes, so you get the ideal one for your necessities. Despite the sort of uniform you will wear, we will have a belt that mixes in flawlessly and still gives you a lot of utilitarian utilize.